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Outer Circle Club Extends a Hand

We recognize the challenges recent events have put in front of us all. The OCC extends our thoughts and prayers to each of you as you deal with your situations.

At a minimum, we invite you to remember the Serenity Prayer and accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can. Also, please reach out to those in need–members of our fellowships, neighborhoods, or other. If you are in need, please ask us for help. Although we are willing to help, some of us may be limited in what we can provide as an organization. The courage, generosity, and caring of Houstonians and the surrounding communities have been amazing throughout this crisis and now its aftermath. Remember, no one is alone, and all you need do is ask for help, and your Higher Power will provide.

Meetings are being held at the Club as requested; please check the website or call (832) 930-CLUB (2582) for last-minute changes.

Ed G.
Outer circle club

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