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About Us

What We Do

What differentiates the Houston Area Intergroup (HAI) from ISO? The HAI provides services specific to the Houston Area fellowships. ISO happens to be located in the Houston Area and therefore many of its staff and committee members are active in the Houston Area. The ISO provides services to the SAA fellowship as a whole.

  1. Updates and publishes Houston Area meeting schedule with detailed directions (not provided by ISO schedule)
  2. Outreach activities – Support for newly forming meetings
  3. Distributes SAA Literature and Chips to area meetings
  4. Conducts Retreats – Annual Houston area retreat
  5. Maintains the Houston SAA website (announcement of local recovery activities and other activities, updated meeting schedule with detailed directions and maps to meetings)
  6. Distributes Newcomer Packages including Spanish (issued at no cost)
  7. Distributes New Meeting Startup Kits (provided at no cost)
  8. Does fundraising and supports scholarship assistance to support members attending Intergroup sponsored retreats and ISO conventions.
  9. Provides donations to ISO – exceeded $1,400 in 2009. This is in addition to the pass-through donations from member groups as received by HAI.
  10. Informs member groups of local events related to SAA recovery.
  11. Represents Houston Area fellowships to ISO.
  12. Provides and maintains a local phone number for persons seeking to find SAA recovery in the Houston area. The voice response system offers meeting information and allows the caller to leave a voicemail for a return call.
    (713) 405-1142
  13. HAI literature such as “Questions and Answers” and “Working With Others”. In addition, the HAI shares information and provides services in support of area SAA recovery groups (currently at about 45). The HAI communicates with and coordinates numerous, diverse, and ever-changing SAA fellowships in the Houston Area. The HAI provides a central location for information and communication for the Houston SAA groups on a whole.