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Chair – Greg H.; Vice Chair – Eric C.; Secretary – Harvey A.; Treasurer – Jim T.;

Literature/Chips – Mark D.; Outreach – Paul M. and Mike L.; Web Master – Open;

2017 Conference Representatives – Paul M. (Board Member), Mike L. (Board Member)


Outer Circle Club
1500 N Post Oak Suite 150
Houston, Texas 77055

Second Sunday of each month from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm



In keeping with the 12 Traditions and 12 Steps of SAA, the mission of HAI is to support the Houston area SAA meetings by providing recovery materials and resources for local SAA meetings and any addict who suffers, looking for SAA recovery support.

HAI does this specifically by:

  • Updating and publishing a Houston Area meeting schedule with contact information and detailed directions.
  • HAI offers support for existing and newly forming SAA meetings by providing SAA literature, chips, information
  • Conduct Houston area retreats and workshops.
  • Inform member groups of local events related to SAA recovery.
  • Provide scholarship assistance to support members attending Houston Area Intergroup sponsored events and the annual convention.
  • Provide financial support to ISO.
  • Represent the Houston Area fellowships to the ISO.
  • Provide and maintain a local phone number and website for persons looking for SAA recovery support


  • 12 active HAI members attend the meeting each month
  • 64 registered meetings


Developing an outreach committee to reach out to therapists and faith based leaders


Providing one day annual workshops or three day annual weekend retreats which entail informational panels and activities on topics such as sponsorship, three circles, outreach, meditation/meditation writing


Representing the Houston Area Intergroup

Collaborating with other Intergroups to improve procedures and activities