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SAA New Orientation Open Meeting

The meeting is open to partners and loved ones of the addict as well as clergy, students and professionals who are looking to learn more about the Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) program and sex addiction.

Here are the documents used during this meeting for your information.  The information here has not been reviewed by the ISO Literature Committee and the Houston SAA Intergroup has no opinion on the other programs mentioned in these documents.  This information is only supplied as information.  The Houston SAA Intergroup is grateful to the Las Vegas SAA Intergroup for supplying these documents.

If you have any questions, please email or

Information and directions to the meeting:

SAA New Orientation Open Meeting flyer V2

Meeting documentation:

00.Houston SAA Orientation meeting format

01.Who We Are

02.Our Program

03.Twelve Steps of SAA

04.Abstinence Statement

05.How We Live

A.SAA Orientation


C. The Serenity Prayer

Understanding Sexual Addiction

The Reality of Sex Addiction

Am I a Sex Addict

A New World of Recovery

Defining Sobriety

The Roles in Recovery

Understanding the Three Circles

Relapse in Recovery

The Damage of Sex Addiction

COSA – welcometothesunlight

COSA – definingcosexaddiction

COSA – cosafaqs

COSA – cosatools